Friday, February 7, 2014

Requirements to Do Porn

Virtually anyone can do porn. The question is the niche where you as a talent would fall in the case of both men and women. The primary requirement to do porn obviously is to be over the age of 18 but other than that, anyone can be in front of the camera having sex for fun and profit. However, the better your looks and your performance are, the better the chances of "making" it in the business. Women are in great demand for a wide variety of looks and sexual acts that they are comfortable with. For men however, the requirements will vary depending on a number of factors.

Men that are interested in shooting for porn studios should be long lasting, be able to start and stop and cum on command regardless of whether you find the talent you are working with attractive or not. Also, size does matter and as a minimum guys should be at least 6 inches. Being porn talent for a studio is very competitive and failure to perform will frustrate other talent and the crew. So in that sense, being a porn actor is not an easy job. However, for guys who are comfortable with doing amateur porn or are planning to do their own shoots to sell to others, can get away with much less in size, stamina or looks for that matter as this particular porn nice is more flexible.

As far as looks is concerned. If you are a woman, you are basically already in demand as there is a market for virtually all looks, sizes, ethnicities, etc. All it takes for a woman is her willingness to perform and her comfort level with her sexuality. For guys however, the answer is a little more complex. To be porn talent, looks will matter as studios look for men that look at least decent on camera. There is no need to be a good looking man but it does help when getting the foot in the door. With that said, there is a demand for older men to perform and other niche type of shoots where a variety of men are needed (Think Bukkake). But again, if looks are not your forte, you can opt for amateur porn or doing your own shoots as there will be much more flexibility there.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to do porn if you are not in California or Florida

Women and men who want to do porn are usually are not in the states where most of the porn productions take place, namely California and Florida. Back in the days, people had no choice but go to these places in person to be considered. But because of the internet a person can first submit pictures of themselves to production companies and get pre-booked before making that commitment of going to another city to shoot. And in the case of some companies, they will all the expenses just to get you out to shoot. This of course, if you are a hot woman or handsome guys who do gay porn. For straight guys, the best way to do porn is to find the nearest amateur production and send them an email to get in one of the shoots. Once you can build a resume, then you can submit your scenes as reference. If you are good at porn, then you might get a shot at it with national companies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Get in Porn

So once you have gone through reading the requirements and considerations to do porn. The obvious next step how to actually get in porn. Basically, there are several ways to be in the porn industry. The following are the steps I'd recommend for people that want to be in porn who have absolutely no experience or connections in the industry.

1. Approach Porn Studios with a letter and pictures
2. Post Ads looking for talent work
3. Contact Model Agencies
4. Email Amateur Models with websites and offer yourself as talent
5. Start Your Own Porn Site

For a list of studios and guidelines to approach studios, agencies and producers in general visit my site for information. Also, for tips on how to get a porn website or business started or ways to market yourself a talent come take a look a my site further information.

Things to consider prior to getting in the Porn industry

Over the years I have received a lot of emails from people who want to be in porn or become producers of porn. And I decided to post the following in order to help people interested in the industry to make an informed decision. I have been active in the porn industry as an actor and producer since 1999. And I have produced or have been in over 1000 scenes in over a decade. So the information I am sharing comes from my extensive experience in the industry and my interaction with many performers over the years.

Do you really want to do Porn?

The porn industry can be quite attractive because of the amount of sex one will end having and the money making potential. But before making a decision to do porn, one should consider several factors that have life-lasting effects. The following are some of the factors to consider when getting into the porn industry.

- Public Image: Once a person performs on a porn production, his or her images will last a lifetime. One has to seriously consider how these images will affect the future, how it affects family and friends. In addition, consideration must be given to life after porn. How does the involvement in porn affect future relationships and friendships. The number one cost to doing porn is in my opinion the consequences that it might bring in the future.

- Sexually Transmitted Diseases: It goes without saying that doing porn exposes you to greater health risks, specifically sexually transmitted diseases. Despite all the preventive measures in the porn industry such as screening, optional condom use and anti bacterial lubricants. One is never 100% protected from STDs unfortunately.

- Sexual Addiction: Because of the fact that sex is so easily available in the porn industry. It is very easy, especially for men, to become sexually addicted. And while sex addiction is usually taken lightly, like any other addiction sex can disrupt an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Being in porn has great rewards but once the line is crossed, there is no going back. Therefore, use good judgement in how to do porn. Those that don't want to be in front of the cameras but still want to enjoy the porn lifestyle can always work behind the scenes.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Porn

Working in Porn industry carries risks associated with STDs and sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as Urinary Tract Infections. To perform in the industry, a monthly STD test must be taken in order to show a clean bill of health. There are several clinics around the country that specialize in testing for adult performers. Although a test from any clinic that uses PCR DNA as their basis for testing would also work.

Anyone working in the Porn industry where bodily fluids and blood can be exchanged are encouraged to protect their health and those of partners outside the industry by adhering to safe sex practices. Because of the nature of the porn industry, typical guidelines for safe sex are not practical as performers are often exposes to numerous sexual partners in a short amount of time.

The typical tests that Porn talent receive are tests for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. There are also tests for herpes, hepatitis and HPV or genital warts. It's always best to avoid unprotected sex with anyone if infected with any of the above STDs. As talent, a performer is entitled to ask to use protection if possible. Larger companies usually comply with condom requests but smaller companies tend to require only non condom scenes. Therefore, before going into the Porn industry one should always keep in mind the possibility of contracting an STD and its consequences.

How much do you make doing Porn?

A popular question for people who want to do Porn is the obvious money question and the answer varies. A porn actor for a studio can make anywhere from $50 to be part of a Bukkake scene to $300-$700 per scene for an established studio. The variation in pay depends greatly on the male talent's performance abilities and looks. A full time porn actor can expect to shoot once a day for as many days as he wants in a week. And for guys who have more stamina than usual, they can even shoot 2 or even 3 scenes in a single day although I personally wouldn't recommend it as there is such thing as getting burned out from having too much sex.

For women the rates vary depending on the act to be performed. A blow job scene can go for $200-400 to $600-1000 for a full sex scene. And because of the nature of the business, women who are new can expect to shoot more as the demand is greater when someone in new to the industry. However, as more and more studios shoot, the earning potential for woman diminishes because of new women in the business and the preference of studios to not repeat female talent as much. With that said, porn actresses who have good looks and good performances can build their fan bases and assure a constant demand for them in the industry and even branch out with their own websites and DVDs.

The more complex question on doing porn for profit is when you go in as a business. Like any other business, the ability to market and sell the end product is as important as the scenes you will be shooting. Therefore, a person with good business acumen can make much more money than someone who is new to business in general. I've known producers who failed with their porn businesses just like others who have made many millions shooting porn. It's all in the marketing!

How to Do Porn for Fun and Profit

My name is Rick Lee and some of you might be familiar with some of the adult videos I have produced over the years. I have been shooting porn videos since 1999 and have some popular amateur porn video series on the Internet as well as AVN nominated DVD series. And like many of you reading this right now, at one point I never imagined I would end up doing porn because I just didn't know how to do porn and had no idea where to get information to get started.

Before I got into the adult industry, my only knowledge of the industry was through my exposure to VHS and DVDs, so basically it was pretty much zero. But when I discovered the Internet and its potential to reach out the masses, I started to take my porn fantasy a step further but unfortunately information about how to get in the porn business was scarce. Fortunately, I happened to live in Los Angeles, where most of the porn video production companies were located. And during my research, I found the initial tools and resources that were necessary to get into porn by basically networking with the right people. I learned who to talk to about doing porn, how the porn industry really works and how I could get myself in a porn shoot and have sex with lots of beautiful porn stars while getting paid for it :)

I eventually ended up doing porn for a few amateur porn production companies and in 2000 I started my own porn video business. I got into porn in the middle of the Internet Porn craze and now, 11 years later I own my own porn company, got to do porn with over a thousand girls and I am financially independent. In fact, I could retire for life if I wanted all thanks to the business of porn. And now I decided to share some tips for guys (or girls) that want to get into the porn business.